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Working With Our Roofers

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Working With Our Roofers

Now that you have hired our roofers to assist you with your home or business, it is vital that you do everything necessary to make the project as simple as possible. Our team knows that you have many questions about the process and are happy to answer them for you.


One thing many of our clients ask us is if they need to be there while we work on your property. The simple answer to this question is no. Our roofers have years of experience providing commercial and residential roofing services. We should be able to take care of any potential issues if you are not present. We know that being in your home while someone is working on the roof above you can be annoying. That said, we want to make sure that all vehicles that are left at your property while we are working are moved away from the house or building. We do not want any falling debris to damage your vehicles.


Call our roofers in New Smyrna Beach, FL, at (386) 427-2798 to receive a quote for our services. The team at G&W Roofing is ready to help you, providing a vast array of repair and installation services for your home or business.


  • Johnathan Weaver

    Johnathan "John" Weaver is a seasoned roofing expert with a 12-year tenure at G&W Roofing, a company renowned for its residential and commercial roofing services in Brevard, Volusia, and Flagler counties since 1986. A resident of Edgewater, Florida since 1991, John possesses a deep understanding of the unique roofing needs of the Florida climate. When he's not crafting durable roofs, he enjoys fishing in Florida's tranquil waters and capturing the beauty of Edgewater through his photography. Join him as he shares valuable insights and tips from his extensive experience in the roofing industry at G&W Roofing.

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